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Company Profile

CHS-PCBA Technology Co.,Ltd, an professional PCB and PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) manufacturer, offers custom-designed electronics manufacturing OEMs and ODMs.

We help our clients with everything from PCB design to the final mass production:

Ø PCB Design & Layout

Ø PCB manufacturing

Ø Component Sourcing

Ø SMT DIP assembly

Ø Test

Ø Packing

Ø Shipping

We have a wide range of end markets that include PCBAs for Medical, Military, Industrial, Automobile, Consumer. All these PCBAs are being exported to foreign markets, mainly to western europe, USA and middle East market.

Our Product coverage:

Ø Rigid PCB: FR4 material, Rogers Material, High TG material.

Ø Metal Core PCB: Aluminum material,ceramic material, Copper material.

Ø Flex PCB: Polyimide material, Polyester material.

Ø Component Purchasing: IC, inductors, potentiometers, relays, transformers, various sensitive components, resonators, filters, etc.

Ø Turn-key PCB Assembly: SMT, THT, BGA, 0201, AOI, X-ray, and function test

Ø And more...

Finally, our topmost priority is to deliver quality PCB Assembling and turnkey projects in high-quality standards—while meeting our quality component procurement policies for every one of our clients.

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